Flyers & Tracts

We continuously developt flyers for evangelism supposing many different situations or seasons. Basic Flyers,

Seasonal Flyers(Passover, Pentecost, YomTerua, Tom Kippur, Sukkot, Shabbat)

Apology(on the mistakes made by Christians in the history)

Orphans and Widows

Yeshua told us to love neighbors as we love ourselves. We also have to bless Israel. As we see the poor, we can not ignore as long as we want to keep the Torah or we want to obey the voice of The holy spirit inside of us. So the best way, for this reason, is to walk with people in Israel. We raise funds in the USA and South Korea and other countries and donate for the people in Israel. First of all, Messianic Jewish People through congregations, and also Orthodox communities.

The Prayer House For Israel

We keep the prayer house in North Area for people who want to donate their prayer for the Kingdom of G-d. The Prayer Mission is one of the most important mission. Anyone who wants to stay in Israel for longer than one month can use the facility for free.  If you stay less than ten days or six days, you will be charged accordingly. 

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